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Benefits of Technical Assistance

The service provided to our privileged customers can be accessed from anywhere anytime, all it takes is a phone call. Why bother calling someone to come over to your place next week if you can have your problem solved right now
while spending less? Call us and you will be speaking to one of our Microsoft certified technicians, who will guide you and get your problem fixed. Just dial our number and get your problem solved right away!

  • Knowledge Base. Search for solutions to common issues.
  • Case Submission and Tracking. Submit cases, set priority and track the progress of your cases and enhancement requests.
  • Customer Forums. Access customer-only discussion forums to share best practice advice with fellow Certified Suite users.
  • Tools & Techniques Resources. Download diagnostic tools, view how-to videos, and access other resources that help you be more productive with solutions.
  • Free Online Training. Customers have access to free online training courses covering the basics of windows and Windows administration. Additional online help are also available for purchase separately.
  • Documentation : You can access documentation for all currently supported computer products.
  • Support : chat or phone or email or remote
  • User information. keep our customer information secret
  • Tools :using the best tools available in the market
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Technical Support